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Mother arrested on suspicion of abducting 10-year-old son

MISSING: Chukwuxavier Nwoban-Akanwo

A MOTHER has been arrested on suspicion of abducting her 10-year-old son.

Chukwuxavier Nwoban-Akanwo was last seen at 3.30pm on Monday (Nov 26) at his school Tidemill Academy in Lewisham, south London, when he was picked up by his 18-year-old sister.

Although Chukwuxavier's sister has since been located, the schoolboy remains missing.

It is understood that a recent court ruling gave custody to Chukwuxavier's father.

Chukwuxavier is black, approximately 5ft 4 - 5ft 7 inches tall, of medium build with short black afro-hair with a single plaited ponytail at back of his head.

He was last seen wearing his school uniform which consists of a white shirt, blue jumper and black trousers.

Anyone who has information on Chukuwuxavier's whereabouts is asked to called Lewisham Missing Person's Unit on 020 8284 8480; or call Missing People on 116 000.

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