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Mother-of-two dies after getting illegal butt injections

RIP: Latesha Bynum

AUTHORITIES ARE looking into a botched surgery that left a New York woman dead two days before her 32nd birthday.

Pix11 reports Latesha Bynum was declared brain dead on July 15 – the same day she went under the knife to get a butt augmentation.

A police report includes the mother of two started to feel dizzy around 9pm EST, two hours after she got the surgery in an upscale Manhattan residential building.

The Harlem native dialed 911 and was taken to the hospital where her family kept her on life support for two weeks. They decided to pull the plug after Bynum showed no signs of consciousness. She died on Sunday (July 29), two days before her 32nd birthday.

Police are currently determining wether Bynum’s death was a homicide or accidental. Her family believes the person who performed the surgery is to blame.

Speaking to WABC-TV, Bynum's brother said:

“She was loving, she was loving, anybody that was going through something, the families, she was there for them. They killed my sister.”

Bynum is survived by her eight and 13 year-old daughters.

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