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Mother of two helps kids learn maths with innovative game

CREATIVE: Grace with her Race to Infinity Maths game

MUM OF two Grace Olugbodi has created a board game to help kids with maths.

"It's an educational game, and unlike other maths games, has excellent play value and covers the fundamentals of Key Stages 1 and 2," she says.

"It's a family game that both adults and children will find fun to play and which improves children's maths skills tremendously and reduces maths anxiety. The game also develops decision making, social skills, problem solving, creative, critical and analytical thinking skills and spatial ability."

Former investment banker Olugbodi recalls how with her dad’s encouragement, she started doing really well in maths when she was about 10 years old and ended up winning the end of year school prize. She says:

"This greatly increased my self belief and confidence, and brought offers my way that I could otherwise only have dreamt of. I believe every child and everyone can improve their maths skills. I also believe that talent is overrated - there is no such thing as a 'maths person'. Maths is simply a skill, and any skill just needs deliberate practice to get good at it.

"My mission is to turn maths into a game that children would love to play at any time. I had the idea in 2003 and started developing it. I completed it through support from Richard Branson’s Virgin Start Up Programme, and have spent years perfecting it. I want to make a difference to society and impact children globally just as I have done with my children who are 12 and 7 and have become excellent at maths.

"From my experience as a mum and school volunteer, I've realised there are some key problems. Many children hate Maths, don't see the point in doing it, or find it a boring chore. They don't believe they can get good at it and do not have effective, creative, fun methods of doing maths."

Sadly, many children experience low self-esteem and low self-confidence as a result, which can affect their life and future.

"Many parents are afraid of maths themselves and don't know how to help their children," says Olugbodi.

"The world is a lot more competitive and demanding now, and this generation are finding it harder to do well or get good jobs without maths."

Government statistics show that half the adults in the UK have numeracy levels no greater than that of an 11-year old which is costing our economy £20 billion a year.’
In addition to the game, Olugbodi is also running workshops and has an online course for parents.

"It’s really important that parents support their children and encourage them to build great maths skills. I know that many mums and dads don’t feel confident themselves with maths. These workshops will give them more confidence too."

Olugbodi intends to develop further maths games under her BeGenio brand as well as a book and more resources for parents.

"I'm addicted to helping children fall in love with mathematics!" she exclaims.

Grace Olugbodi's board game, Race To Infinity Maths Game, is available to purchase on Amazon. Find out more by visiting

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