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Mr Play is back with 'Whats The Play'

WHAT'S THE PLAY: Mr. Play and Ronald Ndoro

LAST WEEK was pretty full on. Firstly, I gotta send a big shout out to Fredi Nwaka (aka Fredi Kruga), who offered me a role in his new movie JINGLE HELLZ playing a character called Melvin (not my choice of name - lol). This is gonna be the funniest UK film this Christmas, so you all need to support.

COMING SOON: Jingle Hellz

Speaking of support, on Saturday I went to "The Library London" a Private Members Club in the heart of the West End to celebrate the birthday of the owner and my good friend Ronald Ndoro. It was a great night in an amazing venue, the tunes were so banging that I had to go check out the DJ.

I did a double take as I approached the DJ box because it was Patsy Palmer (aka Biancaaaaaa from Eastenders), I was well impressed. It was nice to catch up with Joe Ikhinmwin & Kevin Moyo from the London Lions Basketball team and former Olympian Louise Hazel who were also there.

It makes me proud to see people I know achieve great things and I’ve got nothing but positive things to say about Ronald’s establishment, I encourage every professional to go down there and become a member.

CATCHING UP: Mr. Play, Louise Hazel and Ronald Ndoro

On the same night I went to the One Africa Festival (courtesy of DJ Abrantee - Capital Xtra). It was an excellent event and great turn out, so well done to Paul O and the team, but as a Davido fan I wasn't impressed at all.

Due to timing Davido and a few others had to cut their sets short, some had to be pulled off the line up altogether as the event ran over time. Truth be told, I don't even know how they got Wembley arena to go over their finishing time, that's something i’ve never seen happen. Timing is important and this was a prime example of why. It really annoyed me and fed into the stereotype of "black people’s time." We've really got to do better, especially if we want the world and mainstream media to take African entertainment seriously.

Since I'm on the topic of mainstream media, an artist I think is overlooked by the mainstream is the wonderful Cherri V. She’s dropped a new project recently, so I decided it was time to have a lil catch up.

Singer/Songwriter Cherri V has worked in the music industry for a while now with the likes of Jessie J, Teedra Moses, Eric Benet and Floetry. Cherri also featured on Lethal Bizzle’s The Drop and has recently headlined her first show.

So is this a new chapter for Cherri V?

It is indeed... I'm happy to be back working with my original team 6060 Music and am taking a very honest approach to my music. I feel like my personal growth is very apparent in my new material and I'm adamant that I maintain that. I think I had difficulty connecting in the past and felt like delivering a good vocal and song was enough. Now connecting is a massive part of my goal. I want to speak into the hearts of women and my generation as a whole.

Your forthcoming debut album is called Brown Eyed Soul, describe it to me in 3 words?

Honest, relative, soulful

Who did you work with on the album?

I’m currently still adding the finishing touches, but so far I’ve worked with the following producers HMoney, XVR BLK, Joey Sticks & Emmavie

You just had your first headline show this year how was that?

It was amazing!!! I felt like it was the first time I let my guard down 100%. I shared so much about my journey, the highs, the lows, the ugly the pretty and it was very liberating. I received so many messages of admiration for my honesty and transparency and i'm glad to have jumped over that hurdle. Was also great to debut the material and get an idea of potential favourites. Was an eye opener.


You have been a professional singer for a few years now what good business advice have you picked up?

There’s no such thing as a stupid question. Be thorough about your business and as awkward as it can be, talk 'Money' when you need to. I also believe, aside from business, character takes you a long long way. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard.

I have to ask… So who really put the red sock in the white wash and for people who have not listened to the new single yet tell me about it?

Looool! A common question, I think it’s relatable in many relationships/marriages. The red sock in the white wash represents the repercussions a small mistake can make in a situation or predicament. "Like a red sock in my white wash, you’re the one to blame"In my house I do all the clothes washing to avoid such tragedies lol. "Without You" my new single really captures the trivial differences in relationships... with the conclusion being, as annoying as these differences may be, love overrides them all.

What was it like doing a video with Don't Jealous Me?

It was hilarious. He's a great actor/comedian so when the vision came to mind I grew very attached to the idea of him starring as the lead for the video. I was just thankful we could line up our schedules together! We've worked together briefly on one of his projects in the past so the familiarity helped. He was a great addition to the visual.

You’ve travelled the world, what has been the most amazing place to perform?

I’ve been blessed to travel and perform… I think my fav has been Doha, Qatar... such a beautiful place and the hospitality was incredible.

What's on your Spotify playlist?

Loving PJ Morton’s new album 'Gumbo' Kendrick Lamar New album 'Damn' and Tiana Major 9's new single 'Merry Go' is a banger!

So can I ask about Vexation Veronica who is taking over Snapchat?

'Vexation Veronica' is like my lil sidekick/alter ego. She's a combination of about 5 people in my family and it just flows naturally when I have something to vent about. She gives me a chance to express my Caribbean heritage and address a few observations in a light hearted manner. I’ve been encouraged to create a page, website, twitter for her and all sorts, but for now music keeps me busy enough lol

'Without You' out now on Vevno, ITunes, Spotify and Apple Music

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