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Mr Vegas calls Drake a 'fake' for using dancehall

HARSH WORDS: Mr Vegas (left) hit out at Drake for his ‘fake’ love of dancehall

JAMAICAN DEEJAY Mr Vegas has labeled Drake a “fake” for his use of dancehall on his new album, Views From the 6.

The Heads High hitmaker released a video, in which he slammed the Canadian rapper for sampling the music of dancehall artists Beenie Man and Popcaan, but failing to credit them on his album.

In the seven-minute video, Mr Vegas expresses his frustration that both the samples are only heard at the end of the songs, and questions why the Hotline Bling rapper didn’t reach out to Beenie Man or Popcaan and ask them to record new material, rather than using old samples.

Vegas goes on to brand the 29-year-old as “Drake the fake,” and accuses the rapper of only using dancehall because it’s the “hottest genre” right now.

Referring to the track Controlla, which samples Beenie Man’s track Tear Off Mi Garment and features Beenie’s vocals at the end of the song, Vegas expressed anger that his fellow dancehall artist was only used for the song’s outro.

“At the end of the record – when the record done, you can hear di record ah fade – [you hear] Beenie Man doing an outro,” Vegas fumes. “So I’m like, ‘Drake ah ramp wid my artist. You ah use my artist as intro man.’”

He goes on to slam Drake for only sampling Popcaan on the album track Too Good, when the pair are supposedly friends.

AFFILIATES: Drake and Popcaan

Popcaan appeared on the original version of Controlla – before being replaced by Beenie Man for the album version – and Drake’s label OVO was behind the video for Popcaan’s 2013 track, Unruly Rave.

Referencing the apparent friendship between Drake and Popcaan, Vegas expressed bewilderment as to why the rapper didn’t ask his “fren” to record new vocals for the song, rather than using an old sample – again, at the end of the song.

“I’m listening to the record and I cannot hear Popcaan,” Vegas says. “So mi say, ‘fast forward’. And at the end of the record, is another sample – and di sample is from Popcaan. An old Popcaan record.

“I’m like, ‘Why?’ Him and Popcaan ah fren’, so why him couldn’t let Popcaan do a likkle eight bars and kill the record? Drake just a kill we wid bear sample [of] Jamaican artists’.

Vegas went on to say he was further aggrieved when he looked at the album’s credits and didn’t see Beenie Man or Popcaan’s names listed.

DANCEHALL DON: Beenie Man is sampled on Drake’s album

“So I’m looking at he credits now, and I realise that no Jamaican artists got a credit,” Vegas said. “No Popcaan, no Beenie Man. But I’m looking and I’m seeing [the song] One Dance [credits] Wizkid and Kyla.

“So mi say, ‘Drake, you know say you nuh rate we?’ How dem [Wizkid and Kyla] get credit and we nuh get no credit? So I’m wondering to myself: ‘Is love Drake really love dancehall and rate the artists? Or is Drake just fake and because him see dancehell is the hottest genre, he use 40 or 50 per cent dancehall on his album, because he realise this is the hot thing right now?”

He added: “I’m letting you know that Drake did not do us a favour by using 40 or 50 per cent dancehall on his album. Drake the fake is just running with the hot genre right now. Drake, you nuh real. Bear sample you ah sample di artists and a gwaan like you love dancehall.”

Following the release of Vegas’ video, Popcaan hit back in Drake’s defense. In his own video, the Jamaican singer/deejay, who has his own label, Unruly, warns Vegas not to “violate” his “brother.”

“Mr Vegas… you can’t violate Drizzy Drake,” Popcaan says. “Don’t try violate my brother. You don’t know anything about Unruly or OVO. We nuh need you fi defend Popcaan. We can handle our own matter. We nuh need your help. Leave di yout’ alone, Vegas.”

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