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National anti-slavery march to take place in London

TRAGIC: Migrants are being sold into slavery

A PROTEST will take place in London, as the international community gathers to combat the selling of African migrants in Libya.

The protest which will take place on Saturday 9 December at The Libyan Embassy will protest the enslaving and selling of black Africans in Libya, the illegal detention of black Africans in Libyan concentration camps, torture, raping and the extrajudicial killing of black African children Libya.

This follows protest which have taken place across Europe, including Sweden, Paris and Brussels, and after the UN announced an ongoing investigation into the African migrants being sold into slavery.

"There have been direct instructions issued to form an investigative committee so as to uncover the truth and to capture the wrongdoers, and those responsible, and put them before the judiciary," Libyan Interior Minister Aref al-Khodja told journalists in Tripoli.

"We are now currently waiting for the results of the investigations which I believe are coming to a close."

Footage first broadcast by CNN showed African migrants being traded in Libya and being sold for less than US$400. This has sparked an international outcry and protests in Europe and Africa.

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Since then, social media users have used their platform to further address the issue, with celebrities including Naomi Campbell and Chris Brown also using their platforms to speak up on the defiling experience faced by black Africans in Libya.

"I’m taking time out of my mourning period to address this issue which is shocking and inhumane," said Campbell. She concluded the post adding the hashtags: " #stoplibyaslavetrade #enditnow #progressnotregress."

R&B star Chris Brown also shared thoughts, sharing an Image on Instagram with the following message: "When France got bombed i see the entire fb saying pray for France, when Manchester got bomb i see the same. When Texas was flooding everyone was saying pray for Texas, but this slave trade is currently going on in Libya and we dno’t see it all over social media.. smh.”

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