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NBA Champ Bruce Bowen backs Andy Murray

OBSERVING: Bruce Bowen at Wimbledon

WITH ALL eyes on the All England Club for the prestigious Wimbledon tennis tournament, three-time NBA Champion Bruce Bowen has served up his verdict on who’s going to win the grand slam.

The former San Antonio Spurs ace is backing Andy Murray to go all the way in this year’s tournament, after watching the world number one open his title defence with a 3-0 win against Alexander Bublik on Centre Court on Monday (Jul 3).

Murray faces German big hitter Dustin Brown in the second round of the competition which is currently taking place today.

Speaking about who he thinks will lift the trophy, self-proclaimed tennis fan Bowen said: “Why wouldn’t I go for Murray right now? He’s number one in the world, he’s here, it’s blasphemous not to. I really enjoy the sport, It’s not just one particular individual I like but what Nadal has been able to do, his aggressiveness especially on clay and then to be able to win a championship here (Wimbledon).

Federer obviously, he’s just so smooth, so graceful. If you’re going to build a tennis player you would say Federer right? But then Djokovic he’s a different individual, he has a lot of fun with the game, you see on Twitter him dancing after matches that he’s won. It’s the evolution of the game you have so many different components when it comes to this game.

I think it only shows that it’s so much fun. I’m amazed at how they’re able to return a serve because you talk about hand eye coordination and reaction, a serve that comes at you at 90mph or 100mph and you return it? Oh goodness, those are the things that I appreciate from another sport’s perspective.”

Andy Murray

Bowen also spoke about what Murray has to contend with in order to win Wimbledon: "I think for Murray to be able to do it here (Wimbledon), he grew up here, he knows the history here. I think there’s a plus and a minus with that. It’s the fact that yes you’re playing in front of so many fans, friends, family members.

But that pressure when you make a mistake and how you analyse things. That’s the negative part I think. Sometimes all that that pressure of being at home can get to you in a certain kind of way but he has the whole country behind him and what a special place to be number one.”

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