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Nelson Mandela 'breathing on his own' after hospitalisation


NELSON MANDELA is 'breathing on his own' after he was admitted into hospital early this morning (June 8) for the reoccurrence of a lung infection, a spokesperson confirmed.

Mr Mandela, 94, has been ill for some days but deteriorated overnight and was transferred to a hospital in Pretoria, the nation’s capital.

Mac Maharaj, the spokesman for Jacob Zuma, the current president, told The Telegraph: "What I am told by doctors is that he is breathing on his own and I think that is a positive sign," he said. "Madiba [Mr Mandela's clan name] is a fighter and at his age, as long as he is fighting, he will be fine."

Mr Maharaj earlier said Mr Mandela's health was "serious this time," adding: "Every day that he gets older it gets more serious."

His wife Graca, flew home from a hunger summit in London to be at his bedside.

Mr Mandela, who will turn 95 on July 18, has recently suffered a series of health problems and this is his fifth visit to hospital in two years.

In April he was released from hospital after a 10-day stay caused by pneumonia.

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