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New play unpacks plight of millennial teens

TALENT: '1963: They Had A Dream', RAaW Gala, 2011 (Photo credit: RAaw/

A TRAILBLAZING new play addressing teenage grooming will hit the capital later this month. Presented courtesy of RAaw Foundation, Roads is an exciting and illuminating performance which tells the stories of grooming issues that are rising and impacting all genders.

After working with teachers, children’s charities and young people, Roads is a reflection on real life issues. The narrative centres around a young man, who is persuaded by older teenagers to go to the country side and deal drugs on their behalf – a new and ever the more prevalent form of grooming, facing young men in London.

Meanwhile, a young woman is seduced by social media, unaware of the real-life consequences of sexting, an experience that many young women face in the UK.


Lead actor Tobi King Bakara told The Voice: “I am excited and inspired to be able to perform around subjects that are close, relevant to my generation and very much so swept under the carpet. The themes in the play happen to youngsters more than people think, we all need to realise the dangers and how much it can change our lives.”

Roads is produced by Robbi Stevens, Kandice Morri and Georgia Kersh; and is acted by three young people based in London aged 19 – 21.


Georgia, who is also Chair of RAaW Foundation, said: “I am so excited and thrilled to work with the RAaW Foundation and the collaborators we have spoken to along the way to bring Roads to life. Conversations the team have had with teachers at the schools inspire confidence into the impact Roads will have.

“The all-too prevalent issues at hand are very close to all of us at RAaW Foundation and we are excited for our work to help real people with real issues and open their minds to the power of the arts whilst broadening the range of young-people with access to the arts. It is great to continue our work as RAaW Foundation”

Robbi Stevens said: “Roads was created out of our passion and commitment to young people. We believe everyone should have the chance at achieving excellence and happiness in their lives, no matter where they have come from or what they have endured.

“Researching deeper into what young people in the UK are currently challenged with - we discovered sexting and grooming for County Lines - which are both separately alarming and tragic in how normalised they have become. One bad decision that 'everyone is doing anyway', can have a huge impact on a young person’s future and we feel that they have no idea how serious one fleeting wrong moment can be.

“Due to the normalising of these issues - they kind of sleep walk into situations and before they know it, they have begun a journey down a road that could end up being fatal and has proven to have been in the past. Online - once it’s out there, you can't get it back and young girls especially are falling in a downward spiral of their self worth being crushed, which then can lead to depression, failing grades, relationships breaking down and more.

“Young boys and girls are being groomed for sexual exploitation and drug trafficking in the country away from where they live (County Lines), which can lead to fatalities let alone all the damage, abuse and even torture that goes with it. It is shocking and heart-breaking to know that children as young as 9 are being subject to this, and we hope that Roads show how extreme the place can be at the end of a journey of one bad choice.

“Young people today need to be aware of it so they can make healthy choices about it.”


Funded by National Lottery Awards For All, RAaW Foundation is a performance art, film, and theatre charity based in North London. Acclaimed actor Danny John-Jules is one of its patrons.

Primarily working with young people, RAaw affords many with the opportunity to create positive change through artistic excellence. This is brought about through collaborations with real people, with real stories, that focus on the oppressed, discriminated against and overlooked to.

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