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NME forced to issue apology to rapper Giggs over rape claim


NME HAVE issued a formal apology to south London rapper Giggs after it published a review of his latest album Landlord and misquoted the performer by suggesting there was a lyric about rape on one of his songs.

In the original review, writer Louis Patterson described album track The Process as “a particularly unpleasant track that starts like a love song, but ends with a rape”.

The lyric in full says: “There’s bare thoughts out my mouth, like man hates her, but then I thought a couple things, and man rates her.”

Patterson appears misheard the line “man rates her” for “man rapes her.”

The 33-year-old hit back at the publication in an Instagram video slamming the editorial staff as “a bunch of silly c***s.”

The Talking the Hardest rapper went on to say “Now, you’ve put an article out saying that Giggs is a rapist, I don’t even want you to write about my f****ng album anyway if you’re not going to f**king get it right and listen to the music properly.”

In a follow up clip, the south London veteran appears to have had a change of heart claiming he may have “flew off the handle" and instead he directly addressed the journalist responsible for the error.

“Louis, mate, I know you listened to the album thinking ‘f***ing savages, gangbangers, rape women and that,’ but we don’t rape women mate. If you listen to the song properly I don’t think I’m gonna make a beautiful song about a woman and then at the end say man rapes her, come on bruv man use your brain.”

He added: “You made a bad mistake, you’re gonna get that one person that reads a magazine and says ‘Don’t like Giggs, he rapes women’ and that’s just gonna be on you Louis, man.”

The journalist took to Twitter to issue an apology directly to Giggs and the review has since been pulled from the website and the music magazine issued a statement of apology describing the misquote as “gravely inaccurate”.

“We accept all blame for the error, which should never have happened,” a statement read.

“NME has been a huge champion of Giggs throughout his career, and we would like to state that this was a genuine mistake. That does not alter the fact that this should have been avoided, therefore we reiterate our apologies to Giggs and to anyone else affected by the review.”

The rapper responded once again via Instagram accepting the apology, writing: “Even tho I was no where near happy being associated with such a disgusting word as rape, it’s never easy to apologise. So @nmemagazine I accept your apology. Thank you”

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