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"The only way is Jesus"

CHANGED MAN: Michael Gordon has written his life story of how he went from the seedy underworld to Jesus

WHEN HE was part of Brixton’s thriving sound system scene in the Seventies and Eighties, Michael Gordon was at the top of his game.

The Brixton-born music maker earned his keep through promoting up-and-coming acts, and also ran the well-known Bali-Hi club in Streatham, south London.

However, Gordon, now a 54-year-old minister of a Tottenham church, looks back on those days in his life knowing he made mistakes. Nevertheless, by finding God and with the encouragement of friends, the father of six spent three years writing his life story, which was released as a book called From One Extreme to Another on February 1.

The born-again Christian, who says in his autobiography he is “not into religion; I am into a relationship with my Lord and Saviour”, tells The Voice how he is lucky to be alive and how he has changed his ways.


“My life has been a real rollercoaster. I’ve been under the knife four times, and to be here today to tell my story is really amazing,” he says.

Even the fact that he survived hospital surgery – for the last 35 years Gordon has lived with a deteriorating spinal condition - does not seem as remarkable as some of the experiences he went through during his youth.

“Some of those things I shouldn’t have done, like I used to smoke weed extensively,” he says.

“Looking back, if I had the understanding that I have now, I wouldn’t have done those things. But I also don’t regret those things, because it means I can talk about them not from research but from life experience. At the time I used to want revenge. I came close to it once, when I came in with an assassin, looking for someone that had robbed us. But I’ve always had this spirit in me where I didn’t want blood on my hands.”
better nature

Gordon, who now walks with a crutch, added: “So when we came to the part where we had to show the assassin where this person lived to take him out, I said, ‘No. Let me go and see this person to see if I can appeal to his better nature.’ Which didn’t happen, but I still didn’t turn the assassin loose on him. Thank God I didn’t, because maybe I wouldn’t be here today.”

Despite a colourful past, the former smuggler, drug dealer and music promoter left no doubt as to what the proudest moment of his life has been to date: “My crowning achievement is accepting Christ into my life.”

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