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Our top 10 Luciano songs ahead of I Love Jamaica Day

LIVE: Luciano

I LOVE Jamaica Day is set to take place July 30, in celebration of Jamaica's 55th anniversary.

The event is sure to be a standout as entertainers, property developers and more will flock to Brent to celebrate all things Jamaican.

One of the key highlights at the event will be Grammy-nominated singer Luciano who is sure to perform some of our favourite hits at the event.

In anticipation of his performance, we've listed our top 10 Luciano tracks to get you ready for the day:

1. Luciano - Give Praise

2. Luciano - Its Me Again Jah

3. Luciano - Over The Hills

4. Luciano - Sweep Over My Soul

5. Luciano - Lord Give Me Strength

6. Luciano - Your World And Mine

7. Luciano - There's No Love In The World

8. Luciano - How Can You

9. Luciano - God Is My Friend

10. Luciano - Good God

Get your tickets for I Love Jamaica Day and see Luciano live here.

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