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Passengers were told to avoid Dalston after explosion

CHAOS: Passengers are said to have 'fled' the station this morning (photo credit: Ramzy Alwakeel)

HACKNEY COUNCIL Tweeted about the 'walking wounded' near Dalston Kingsland station in east London and asked people to avoid the area after what is rumoured to be an exploding battery pack left people injured and trains at a standstill for 45 minutes.

Smoke in a carriage is said to have been caused inadvertently by someone travelling with a faulty battery pack. Although there are no confirmed signs of a serious problem, people at the busy station panicked and even jumped onto train tracks for safety, according to social media users.

Twitter user @HannahFarrant said there were "Loads of police and ambulances" at the scene, which would have been joined by fire engines pictured outside the station.

Although services are running, London Overground customers should expect severe delays when travelling today.

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