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Pastor Jonathan to host Birmingham prayer & benefit concert

THOUGHTFUL: Pastor Johnson

ON THE evening of Friday July 14 2017, Pastor Samuel Jonathan attended the vigil held in memory of Troy Paul, who was stabbed to death on July 8.

It was a moving experience that really "hit" Jonathan. It touched his heart, not just because it involved the loss of life but because Troy was the fourth person to be murdered with a knife in Birmingham, within that same week. Moreover, the knife crime was committed by a 15 year-old and left a 10 month-old fatherless.

Pastor Jonathan has seen prayer change and transform communities, cities and countries around the world and God has used him to organise prayer concerts in Atlanta, London and Accra. He firmly believes that prayer can bring godly change to Birmingham – hence, the Birmingham Prayer & Benefit Concert.

The concert will take place Saturday 5 August from 7-8.30pm at Sparkbrook Community Centre, Grantham Road, Birmingham B11 1LU – admission is free.

The primary aim of the event is to pray for the city of Birmingham and support the families whose sons, brothers, nephews, etc. died during the July 3 - July 8 spate of knife-crime deaths. 100% of the funds raised at the concert shall go to the families.

The concert will feature an inspiring fusion of live music (worship and hymns), poetry, sculpting, fine-art painting, choreography and prayer. The performers are residents of Birmingham from various churches across the conurbation. However, during the concert, the audience will participate in donating towards the support of the families.

To donate towards the hosting of the concert, volunteer or obtain additional details, please visit

Alternatively, you can call 07544 273 333 or kindly email:

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