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Police investigate racist tweet to TV chef

ABUSE: TV chef Lorraine Pascale upset after receiving racist message in Twitter

TV CHEF Lorraine Pascale has called in police after receiving racial abuse on Twitter.

The 39-year-old former model was called a 'dumb n****r' by user @JoshSoap, thought to be s 26-year-old from America, in an unprovoked attack on the social networking site on Saturday (Nov 12).

In the offensive tweet, he wrote:

"Don't really need you telling us how to force feed kids you f***ing dumb n****r. Get off the TV c**n and know your place."

Pascale, who presents Baking Made Easy on the BBC immediately hit back by re posting the comment to her 17,540 followers.

"Unpleasant tweet to get this morning coming right up. A very sad state of affairs ...[sic]," she added.

"Tough day today folks. Things don't usually bother me but this was just too much. Your messages have been incredible.Thank you LP x[sic]," she continued.

The mother-of-one then told her followers that the police were "all over it".

She said: "It has been reported and the boys at the Met Police say they are all over it [sic],"

"I am hurt, shocked and saddened by the comments this person has made against me," Pascale added in a statement.

"Sadly, this is not the first time racist comments have been directed at me on Twitter,"

However, it is by far the worst example. I have therefore decided to report it to the police and speak out," the statement continued.

OUTING: TV chef Lorraine Pascale retweeted the message to her followers

Twitter users lashed out in defense of the TV chef, labelling @JoshSoap 'scum'.

"You absolute scum @JoshSoap you shouldn't talk to @lorrainepascale or anyone like that. Talent earns it's place at the table [sic]," wrote @dom_stevenson.

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