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Police issue warrant for Olympic Committee President

CONTROVERSY: Carlos Guzman

POLICE IN Brazil have issued warrants for the arrest of Brazilian Olympic Committee President Carlos Nuzman and his associate, Arthur Cesar de Menezes Soares Filho, on charges that they were involved in a bribery scandal surrounding the awarding of the 2016 Olympic Games, according to an Associated Press report.

According to Swimming World Magazine, although Nuzman’s lawyer, Sergio Mazzillo, has insisted that his client “did not commit any irregularity” and that Nuzman would cooperate, he was not at home when police searched his house.

Eyewitness reports saw Nuzman and Mazzillo leaving the home before police arrived, and police removed “suitcases, documents and a computer.”

Nuzman, a former International Olympic Committee member, was one of 11 people in either Brazil or France for whom warrants were issued in relation to the awarding of the 2016 Olympics.

Police reportedly believe that these officials or former officials bought off the IOC in order to ensure that the Games went to Rio.

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