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Prankster hands Theresa May a P45 during her speech earlier

AWKS: The Prime Minster taking a fake P45 from the protester

THIS YEAR'S Conservative Party conference, which is taking place in Manchester, was interrupted by an anti-Tory protester who handed Prime Minister Theresa May a mock P45.

WATCH THE AWKWARD MOMENTS BELOW (credit: YouTube/BBC2/liarpoliticians2):

The man was led away after May accepted the piece of paper with a smile and set it down on the ground by her feet. As he was being escorted out of the venue, delegates chanted "Out, out, out".

In response, the Prime Minster joked, 'I was about to say, one person I'd like to give a P45 to is Jeremy Corbyn', a quip met with loud assent from her audience.

May is suffering from a sore throat and coughed loudly several times whilst trying to get through her speech before being offered some lozenges by Chancellor Phillip Hammond. In response to the gesture, she joked, 'I hope you saw that, the Chancellor giving something away for free'.

The Tory leader admitted her failures in the recent election campaign and told the crowd:

"It was too scripted, too presidential...I hold my hands up. I take responsibility. I led the campaign and I am sorry."

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