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Progress for NHS race equality standards, says new report


A SECOND annual report into race equality across the NHS has been published today (April 19).

The Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES) report publishes data from providers of NHS-funded care, including the voluntary and private sector, to demonstrate how they are addressing equality issues.

This year’s report includes for the first time data covering nine WRES indicators including four relating to the workplace covering recruitment, promotion, career progression and staff development alongside BME board representation. The remaining four indicators are based on data from the NHS staff survey 2016,covering harassment, bullying or abuse from patients, relatives or the public.

It shows a positive change in a range of areas including the number of nurses and midwives who have progressed from lower grades into senior positions (band 5 entry level into bands 6 – 9); in BME representation at very senior management (VSM) and executive board level; and a slight reduction in the reported experience of discrimination of BME staff from colleagues and managers.

IMPROVEMENTS: NHS Workforce Race Equality Standard

Speaking on the new report, Yvonne Coghill OBE, NHS England's Director, Workforce Race Equality Standard Implementation, said: “This the second WRES report is an important marker of the progress the healthcare system in England is making on the important issue of workforce race equality."

"We fully realise there is a long way to go, however celebrating the achievements and progress that has been made in some sectors and regions is important. We will continue to work closely with the frontrunners on this agenda to identify what's working and support those organisations that need additional input. The key thing is for all to meet the WRES objectives and ultimately reflect an NHS that is equitable and fair for everyone.”

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