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Q&A with Nasty C

REAL DEAL: Nasty C says people love music when it comes from a place of authenticity (Image: Liezl Zwarts)

Life & Style: Who did you look up to in your youth?

Nasty C: I think I was in grade 4 when I started to look up to my inspirations, T.I. and Lil Wayne. Everything about their art pushed me to work harder and improve. I fell in love with their attitude the way they express themselves, the swag, everything about the music.

The culture grew me as a kid, just growing up and looking up to other artists taught me the ins and outs of hip-hop which became a part of my life. When I go to the studio I’m just speaking my mind and expressing myself.

L&S: From being an ordinary kid to breaking into the music scene – what have been your highlights so far?

NC: The highlights have been travelling. Now I’m getting to go to all these places that I only used to see on TV or read about. Coming from a small town and being able to travel the world like this, meeting my idols and also having the impact on the youth for the people that look up to me, that’s a responsibility that I enjoy.

L&S: What are the sounds of South Africa like?

NC: The music scene in South Africa is really dope, there are all different types of culture in it. It's become like family, like a community out there more than just a business. I think that’s very important because it inspires other artists to do the same, to be a part of the culture and push it forward outside the country.

L&S: What will you be bringing to your UK shows?

NC: My fans can expect a whole lot of dedication, talent, and a lot of energy. I feel like when I leave the stage people will be able to sum up who I am, what I’m about and what I do.

L&S: What advice would you give to other artists on the come up?

NC: I’d advise the youth to live in their own head, so that when they make music it’s not something they have to think about when it comes to being themselves.

I think a lot of young artists try to catch on to the sounds that are trending at the moment, or what they feel like they have to do to get an audience. That’s not the case. People love music when it comes from a place of authenticity. So when you are authentic and as long as the energy that you put into the music comes out, you have accomplished what you wanted to do. Just stick to you and one day it will work out, I guarantee it.

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