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Queen of Comedy adjusts her crown

ALL HAIL: Sommore is a founding member of the Queens of Comedy

WHEN YOU think of Queens of Comedy, Sommore is one of the first names that should spring to mind.

For the veteran adult comedian, her experience in the industry has been an expressive and therapeutic one, as she has used talent to break social taboos and freely express her opinions from an African- American woman’s perspective.

“Stand-up for me has always been about self-expression and, as the world has changed, so has my life and my material,” says Sommore.

“I am not the same woman or artist I was 25 years ago – I have grown and had some real life experiences, which reflects through my work.”

Twenty-three years ago, Sommore started out as a fresh-faced comedian, making her way across the comedy circuit in the States, and came across some pretty great opportunities in the process.

“I started out like most, doing open mic nights and auditioning to appear on comedy showcases,” she recalls.

“Through hard work, I became the first woman to host BET’s ComicView, a founder for the Queens of Comedy brand and have produced three of my own stand-up comedy specials. I continue to tour and bless stages across the world.”


The Queens of Comedy created a turning point for female comedians, as Sommore, Mo’Nique, Adele Givens and Laura Hayes showcased their bold and hilarious material, while providing a platform for black female comedians to shine.

“The Queens of Comedy was a pivotal moment, not only in my career, but just to provide an opportunity for other women to see themselves on stage and speaking about some things we go through,” she says.

“Representation matters, and I see that as a huge accomplishment.”

Sommore’s achievements are a reflection of her raw talent, which she honed from an early age.

“I was born and raised in Trenton, New Jersey, and educated in Atlanta, Georgia, with a BS degree in Business Administration and concentration in mathematics. While those were areas of interest to me, I discovered my love for stand-up comedy later on, and that became my main focus.

“Pursuing comedy was something I had to do, and luckily my family have always been supportive of my career choices. Thank God they’ve never had to pay my rent.”

On her journey to comedic success, the New Jersey native’s tenacious attitude and go-getter mentality led to a series of starring roles, including appearances in Def Comedy Jam, Soul Plane and Friday After Next to name a few.


While her bawdy comedy style has been a key to her success, Sommore rejects the idea that her style of comedy is “raunchy”.

“I see my comedy style as adult humour,” she says.

“The beautiful thing about stand-up is that there are different styles – I just happen to choose to be an adult comedian. I am offended by the word raunchy. When I chose to become a comedian, I hadn’t seen many young African-American women speaking so freely about their choices and views on life.

“I was brave enough to share my perspective with the world. My instincts were right.”

Those instincts have resulted in the respected comedian becoming a pioneer in her field, as one of the few dominating African-American female comedians in the game. Whether it’s her sharp wit, humorous storytelling, or no-holds-barred opinions on relationships, sex and money, Sommore has definitely cemented herself as comedy royalty.

After 20 years of experience, the 51 year-old talent will be venturing to the UK for the first
time, bringing her Queens of Comedy show to UK shores.

“I have never performed for a UK audience, so I’m excited to come and entertain,” she says.

“I base my jokes off of human emotion, so I’m looking forward to communicating that to my UK audience.”

Queens of Comedy UK will unite Sommore with a few black British heavyweight comedians including Gina Yashere, Eddie Kadi and Slim. With the popularity of the upcoming show, urban comedy continues to move forward.

Sommore adds:

“I believe that laughter will never go out of style and, even when times are tough, comedians will find unique ways to make the world think and laugh – that’s why we’ll keep on going.”

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