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A quick chat with...Shadez The Misfit

TALENT: Shadez The Misfit

A FEW of years ago, I was told to look up a track called Taking Place by a guy called Shadez The Misfit.

The name intrigued so much that I was forced to give it a quick look. At that time in my life, I associated UK urban music with Grime. However, what I heard blew this perception out the water, after hearing the British rapper hold his own on hip-hop beats.

Here he talks progression, performing and the life of a 'Misfit'...

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in south London, mainly in the Tooting area but I’ve always been around Brixton as a teen.

South London has pretty much moulded me. It showed me different aspects of life and different scenarios, things which I shouldn’t of seen. It has made me what I am.

When and what made you decide to become an MC?

To be honest, I didn’t even think I was going to rap. Before music, I was known for fashion, design and being creative in those fields.

The first year of uni, I started to write music. I started out at ‘I Love Live’ and won the open mic. People wanted to hear more of me so I took it upon myself to do the music, but also saw it as an opportunity to do my graphics and my fashion because it all interlinks.

Who were your biggest influences when growing up and who are your influences now?

As I’ve grown up, my influences have always changed but these artists are always going to stay an influence because for that period of time, they have influenced me to progress to the next step.

When I was growing up it was Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder, Sting and The Police I was also listening to Nas, Rakim, Big L , Marley Marl and B.I.G.

In terms of 90’s music, it was more like Outkast and the earlier generation with Busta Rhymes.

In the new school, it would have to be Kendrick [Lamar] and the whole TDE movement. Also, Kanye West and Jay-Z and Andre 3000.

I try to stay open minded with music and I don’t try to listen to the one genre. I’m influenced by any genre of music which makes me feel an emotion, which makes me understand why they made that tune.

How would you describe the music you make to someone who has never heard it before?

My music is a visual diary of my life. It’s a humdrum of sound and lyrics. It’s something where you’re able to understand me that much more. It gives you a little hint of me and it gets you closer to me.

On every tune, I try to reveal something which I may not reveal in a normal light but through music, no boundaries. When you hear my music, there are no boundaries.

How would you say you have progressed as an artist over the years?

Year by year I progress. I’ve progressed not just as a musician but in the way I am perceived by the public in regards to branding and professionalism. I feel that it’s all key. The fact that I can have experience in these fields is cool.

I also feel, when releasing this new music and new material, people understand that it’s a long term mentality and it’s me planting a seed every day and its slowly growing and blossoming into something bigger.

What are some of the things you have learned while performing and recording tracks?

When recording, I’ve learnt how to emphasise my voice to fit an emotion and to fit the track. I’ve learnt how to really record. That just comes down to spending time in the studio and mastering that craft.

It’s weird because someone could be a great performer but when they are in the studio, they could be a rubbish artist. It’s two completely different mind-sets. With the recording, its making sure your lyrics come out as clear as possible and you don’t ruin the groove of the music.

In regards to performance, people have come to [see] you, they want to have a good time. They want to see why you are worthy of that stage. That stage is your place to really engage with the audience. It’s about engagement and getting people to move off their feet through your music. In a way, it’s you selling your own product and the only person that can get your message across clearly is yourself.

Give us an insight into your future projects?

I’m getting ready to give you Misfit Maximus 2. It all ready and ready to go. I’m ready to bless you with something special visually.

I can’t give you a release date at the moment. I just want the visuals to match the quality of the music and once the visuals are out.

Overall I’d say just watch out for me, I’m very unpredictable! I don’t really say much but I let my actions speak. I let them speak through Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Yeah… I’m about.

Catch Shadez on: Twitter: @ShadezTM Instagram: shadeztm Facebook: Tazar Tionè Sancho

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