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Quick Q&A With: Ibrahim Kamara

CREATIVE: Ibrahim Kamara

Q: How did you come up with the concept to create a video magazine?

IB: In January 2015, my business partner (Jide Adetunji) and I were on the phone speaking about an event we were collaborating on, and during our conversation the idea just came about. It originally was going to be an online video magazine, but we realised that the definition of a magazine is “a collection of items,” so we were just going to do video interviews of different people in an attempt to inspire and entertain young people, and release it as an interactive pdf online.

During the process of creating Guap, I attended a networking event, and I was approached by someone who asked me if I had heard of the phrase augmented reality. From there, I did some research, and that developed into the idea of creating a physical video magazine. No other publication had done this before, which makes it the world’s first to do it in this way. Also, the creation of Guap took place during my final year at university and my business partner was on a work placement at the time.

Q: What is the production process behind putting together a video magazine?

IB: The process is longer than a traditional magazine. We work in 4 stages; pre production, production, post production & release. During pre production, we lookout for talent and then it’s all about building relationships with them in order to get them featured in the magazine.

We then choose a filming day and conduct the interview and photoshoot. After this, the focus is on post production, which is where all the editing and design work of the magazine happens. We then schedule the releases on our youtube, write up individual posts for each article, publish it on our website and upload our magazine digitally online on

Q: Do you think that print and online publications are oversaturated and video is the future?

IB: I do believe video is the future. It’s easier for someone to understand stories through visuals than it is to read a story. Video is also much more engaging.


Q: Tell me more about the Guap parties and what they represent to your brand

IB: #GUAPParty is our bi-annual talent showcase x party experience. Our first show was done and promoted in only 2 weeks and we managed to have a sell out show. We provide a stage for some of the best musicians in the underground scene and put them in front a bunch of cool young people, creatives & industry professionals, who embrace great music with open arms.

Q: Tell me a bit more about the various projects you’ve done throughout the year

IB: Well, we were awarded a Youth Achievement Award for Outstanding Youth Leadership, which we received at Houses of Parliament. We’ve also made appearances on TV & radio channels, including BBC 1xtra and Represent.

One of the main projects we’ve worked on this year is our first ever GUAPParty, which took place Jan 3 2016, and was a sell out show. Now, we’re working on issue 7 of our magazine and have interviewed international stars like Jidenna and Yo Gotti while giving UK creatives J Hus, Avelino and The Slumflower their first ever magazine covers. Our next issue is our biggest project to date and will be released on January 6.


Q: Competition is fierce in the publishing industry, especially in regards to youth culture. How do you stay ahead of the crowd and remain innovative when there’s so many other youth culture publications out there?

IB: The fact that we are a video magazine makes us very innovative from the get go. But I guess it’s all about knowing what you stand for and building a relationship with the audience you’re trying to appeal to.

A lot of youth platforms in our scene focus highly on music while we are providing a platform for all creatives from different walks of life, big or small. I believe as long as we carry on doing this organically, we’ll stay ahead of competition because no one is doing what we are doing, like we’re doing it.

Q: Who are some of your favourite people you’ve featured on GUAP?

IB: Some of my favourite features would be include J Hus, Jidenna and The Slumflower.

Q: How do you see the brand progressing in 2017?

IB: In 2017, I see us branching out and bringing GUAP overseas. We currently have our magazine, website, YouTube channel, events, and I think we’ll continue to grow these and also build a few more platforms that will inspire, entertain and bring young urban creatives together.

Q: Who are the black british creatives that you’re really excited to see more of in 2017?

IB: There are few people i’m excited to see in 2017! Knucks, Richyett, Prynce Mini, Yiigaa, Bella Sontez, Naomi Kaji, Seshe (IAMNEXT), Bisola Olusanya, Darnell Temenu just to name a few.

Q: What advice would you give to other creatives who wants to start their own business?

IB: Just do it, as you have more to lose by not trying. Also, learn how to monetise your creativity.

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