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COUPLED-UP: From left - Abner and Amanda of JOHNNYSWIM

COMBINING ELEMENTS of blues, pop, country, gospel and soul, JOHNNYSWIM are the eclectic married musical duo ready to take the UK by storm.

After the release of their debut album Georgia Pond, Abner Ramirez and Amanda Sudano came to the UK for a gig at The Lexington and they spoke to The Voice about
music, marriage and the future.

Q: How did you discover your sound and the type of music you both enjoy making?

A: Amanda: Because we both grew up listening to lots of different music, when we started to work together, we found a unique sound that embodied the both of us.

Abner: Luckily, it was easy to discover the music we wanted to make because we didn’t limit ourselves or set any boundaries, so it was freeing.

Q: Is there a distinct difference between the two of you as performers and as a married couple?

A: Abner: There’s absolutely no difference other than we spend more time as a married couple than we do as performers.

Amanda: I think our personalities really come out on stage; he’s [Abner] especially full of energy when we perform. So we have a lot of fun, and if anything it just brings us even closer.

Q: Besides your show, what are you looking forward to in London?

A: Amanda: Honestly, we’re just happy to be there. We’re looking forward to spending time in one of the most creative cities and we always feel so inspired whenever we’re in London, walking around seeing the history.

Abner: We’re also excited to bring our son, so it’ll be nice to see him enjoy London for the first time.

Q: If you could play one music festival, what would it be?

A: Amanda: I’ve always dreamt of playing Glastonbury and if I could play one right now I’d say that. I just want to wear rain boots, and get muddy.

Q: What would you say is one of the highlights and one of the challenges of working together?

A: Abner: The highlight of working together is that we don’t get sick of each other. I don’t know plenty married couples that could work together 100 hours a week and build a life together, but we make it work.

Amanda: I think the only challenge is sometimes when Abner is in work mode and I’m in mum mode. That can make things tricky, but we have the same goal, which is to make music and build our family.

Q: What are your plans this year?

A: Amanda: We want to be in Europe as much as we can, that’s the plan. I think we have three separate trips planned to be out there in different cities and regions to hang out and play some shows. We’re also writing a bunch of songs as well, so it’s fun to get to do that, raise our baby and travel the world together.

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