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Quick Q+A with Noel Clarke

BOSS: Noel Clarke

L&S: How pleased were you to wrap the BrotherHood movie? From the first movie in the trilogy its been a journey, there must have been emotions on your part?

NC: I don’t get emotional about much really, but it was nice. It was nice to have made that film and have it do so well. Even though the last two did well, I think after eight full years, ten years since the first one, I think people weren’t sure if it was going to do business. I think people still sort of dismiss it, but then the box office just doesn’t lie.

L&S: Is this trilogy your movie legacy, would you consider anything else you’ve done to be as impactful?

NC: I don’t think anything is, this was the meat. There is Star Trek, but I was just acting in that. I hadn’t created these for what became the Trainspotting of this generation or the new film of that generation, it was never the plan, but accidentally it happened. But you know I don’t think anything I’ll do will be as impactful but obviously I’ll do some stuff and hope it’s well received.

L&S: If you could start the process again what would you do differently?

NC: There are people I wouldn’t cast, but I wouldn’t have known that

L&S: You’ve grown so much as a director, give me three areas of your profession
that are very different now to when you first started?

NC: I think now the difference is I know what I’m doing. You know, from growing up and making a film to becoming an actual filmmaker is a big difference, and I think that’s the main difference

L&S: Not to pigeon hole you but the urban movie scene in Great Britain has improved in quality over the last few years, this year has seen some great releases – what’s changed about the urban movie landscape in your opinion?

NC: I don’t know, I don’t watch them to be honest.

L&S: How do you see the future for Noel Clarke?

NC: We are committed to working as hard as we can. We’re prepping for a movie now, and working hard doing that and that’s kind of what it is for me. It doesn’t have to be urbanish it’s just about working hard and trying to do new things

L&S: What subject would you like to tackle next?

NC: It’s just about doing projects that we think are really good and that’s what we’re focusing on

L&S: You were at the Digital Is awards and you mentioned that it was important for all of us to support each other and stick together - Can you expand on that for me?

NC: Like I said, its important for actors who’ve been saying opportunities aren’t there, to have an opportunity given to them by people who can cast them in roles and help them. The digital media awards is still quite a small award show so the fact I was able to turn up and present an award was a big deal to them and I was happy to do that, and that’s about supporting them, and hoping that helps the award show to grow bigger.

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