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FLIPPING THE SCRIPT: Fredi ‘Kruga’ Nwaka

EVERYTHING about this film screams ‘road’. It is called Blud, and the poster advertising the movie features a little boy in a hoodie standing in front of a bleakly grey estate. But, according to the film’s creator, director and producer Fredi ‘Kruga’ Nwaka this film is not like anything you can imagine.

“It’s quite funny, because with the name Blud everybody thinks it a typical urban street film, but it so isn’t,” said the filmmaker. “A lot of people are getting bored with the same old British urban films; I’m trying to do something different, and can make UK film goers proud.”

So what exactly is Blud about? Nwaka is not telling, instead the south London-born musician prefers to keep the plot a closely guarded secret. He did, however, give an outline of the film.

“It’s about a different type of being that lives on the earth with us. A lot of the things we put down to being natural occurrences such as gang violence, people going missing. These are all things that happen because of an outside world intervention. It’s a discovery of another type of being that lives along side us day to day.”

Known for his horrific onstage musical persona the rapper has taken the fear of the unknown and brought it to the silver screen.

“I always had that link to horror films and obviously the name Fredi Kruga didn’t help,” laughed Nwaka. “I used to do concerts and come out of coffins; I had two Rottweiler’s, one called Damien and one called Omen. So I’ve always been involved or centred around horror.”

Despite the years of being engrossed in all things occult the filmmaker refuses to be described as a horror writer.

“I’m not a horror writer, I just write, and it just happens that what I’ve written at the moment is Blud, that’s how it is.”

Stating changing times within the music industry as the major reason he has moved away from music and into film, the lyricist has finally found the perfect medium to expunge his demons.

“I have always acted. And writing has been a big part of my life for a long time. Music is still key to the things I do and enjoy but it’s just that I’m getting older. Where the industry has gone I’m finding it a lot easier to express myself in film rather than music at the moment.”

In fact, there have been many things that Nwaka has outgrown, most notably being part of a gang.

“There was a time I was involved in a gang. I’ve lost over 40 friends who have been shot, stabbed or killed by someone. That combined with growing up in the area and seeing what is going on, made me start my initiative.”

Which is called C.R.I.M.E (creating role models in media enterprises) works to get youngsters out of gangs, off the streets, into the media.

“We sit down with ex-offenders and gang members and listen to their stories, which we turn into short films. We teach them the skills for filmmaking and hold acting workshops.

At the end of the project we submit the films to film festivals so if they want to go on a pursue a career they’ve got a tangible portfolio.”

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