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Reggae's rising star


AFTER WINNING Jamaica's version of American Idol seven years ago, reggae singer Chris Martin has secured star status with his success in the island's charts. Not to be confused with Coldplay's lead singer of the same name, this artist is one whom gravitates to soft chords and sweet melodies, and not indie-pop, like his British counterpart. Here the 34-year-old talks Rising Stars, the special lady in his life and being friends with Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt.

A little birdie told me you were born on Valentine's Day, is that true?
Yeah man, I would like to believe I am a more loving person because I was born on that day. I love to sing about females because my core fan base are women. 

As long as my girls are happy then I am happy. So it’s good that I sing a lot of love songs. I still sing about society and what is going on, but it’s nice to sing about being in love or what it feels like to be loved. 

I know you might break a few hearts if you say yes, but do you have a girlfriend?
Uh huh. 

Is that all your going to reveal about her?
That answer seems like it’s good enough (laughs). 

You have a core fan base of ladies who absolutely love you. Tell us a crazy fan story.
There was one time I was at somebody's house and they said, 'I have something to show you'. They took me to see their daughter's room and on the wall was like every newspaper clipping of me in a heart shape!

That sounds pretty scary, what did you say?
I think the reaction on my face said it all (laughs).

What was it like winning Rising Stars and how has it shaped you career?
It's a show that highlights real Caribbean talent and to be a part of it showed a lot of people that I am one of the young emerging acts who is trying to make a name for himself worldwide. 

Usain Bolt is a good friend of yours, did you have any doubt that he would take gold in his Olympic races?
No man, I never had any doubt in my mind at all. I knew he would win, that's my bredrin man so there was no way I thought he wouldn't win.

GOOD FRIENDS: Chris Martin chilling with Usain Bolt

There was never going to be a second chance for anybody else anyway. The person that come second I think that they are the actual winner because he [Usain] is not really running in the race with the rest of them.

What have you got coming up next?
The release of my album should be happing this winter and I am looking forward to that. I'm just ready to spread the movement of Chris Martin everywhere.

We are trying to impact the world in a big way through my music.

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