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Remy Ma plans fund for women struggling to conceive


RAPPER REMY Ma is branching out of rap and into the world of philanthropy, as she announced her new plan to start a fund for women who are experiencing difficulty conceiving children.

The Bronx MC opened up to Essence about how her miscarriage affected her life, unveiling plans to turn her heartbreaking tragedy into a story of healing for women.

“I was distraught, I was embarrassed, I was ashamed. I felt less than a woman and [the doctor] assured me that was no way to feel and that for a certain amount of thousands of dollars, it can be fixed,” she revealed to the site.

“And because I have the finances, I never even thought twice about it. I was like, ‘Alright, how many thousand? Okay, no problem We’ll start doing it right now,’” Remy continued.

Remy recognised the socio-economic advantage she has over other women who also may be suffering from fertility issues.

“It wasn’t until I publicly spoke about it that I realised how many women are in the same predicament as me where they actually can have children, they just need an assist from, you know, medical procedures and they can’t because they are not financially stable enough to do it,” she said.

“I think the percentage is actually 80 percent of women who can’t have children. It’s not because they can’t physically have children. It’s because they can’t afford to physically have children,” she explained.

“I’m trying to start my own fund so that women who are like me or have similar situations to me but they can’t afford it, they can possibly get these procedures done and have children,” she concluded.

Remy Ma's tragic miscarriage and the aftermath was played out on reality TV show Love and Hip Hop:NY. She has been married to fellow rapper Papoose for 9 years, and has a son from a previous relationship.

Watch a clip from her interview with Essence below:

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