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REVIEW: New music from Miles From Kinshasa

NEW MUSIC: Miles From Kinshasa

'LIMBO' IS the stunning debut mini-album by Miles From Kinshasa.

Born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and raised in the UK, Miles From Kinshasa (born Vivien Kongolo) is a south London-based singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer making an infectious, self-crafted style of music he calls rumba-pop, fusing R&B and pop with influences from around the world.

Written and recorded with almost no budget over the past 12 months in a south London council estate bedroom, Limbo is a purposely lo-fi, DIY affair.

Foregoing expensive studios and extensive collaborations, the project is a deeply personal offering, guided from start to finish by Miles From Kinshasa at his own pace.

On Limbo Miles From Kinshasa chronicles what it’s like to be a 20-something, grappling with life’s uncertainties during one of the more unstable eras in history.

He explains:

“Millennial existential crises, relationship issues, spirituality, duality, mourning, fear of adulthood, belonging, religion – these feelings of not knowing what to feel, what to think, what to do, who to be, what to believe in, who you will become.

“The project asks questions that are still trying to be answered, rather than trying to impart some kind of realisation or post-adolescent wisdom. Laying in Limbo demands patience you may not possess yet in order for you to overcome and heal. Hold tight, endure your wait.”

Speaking about new single Could We Just Talk Instead?, Kongolo says:

“The song explores the moments when you want to know your significant other’s thoughts and what they truly care about, more than want- ing their intimacy. Do you even vote? Did you hear that he came out? Do we care about the poor?”

Could We Just Talk Instead? is the third song to be released from Limbo, following singles Ivry and Fireworks.

Miles From Kinshasa debuted his live show towards the end of 2016 with support slots for Kelis, Ray Blk and Baloji, as well as festivals including Tramlines and The Great Escape. Further shows in support of Limbo will be announced later this year.

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