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Rihanna: "I had to just sleep whenever I could"


RIHANNA CLAIMS that lack of sleep kept her from partying with the the 150 journalists and fans on board her private plane chartered for her grueling 777 world tour.

The Bajan beauty, who invited writers and fans to join her promotional tour around seven cities in seven days, says her elusive behaviour was in a bid to "preserve my voice."

The singer told People: "I had to preserve my voice. I was worried about my body more than partying on the plane, so I had to just sleep whenever I could.

"This entire trip, in order to make it to the end, you have to literally nurse yourself every step of the way the entire time."

Rihanna says she was also worried about the effect viruses would have on the her guests, who travelled from Mexico City, to Los Angeles, Toronto, Stockholm, Paris, Berlin, London, before ending in New York, on Tuesday (Nov 20).

In the video, shot earlier in the tour, Rihanna said: "There's so many people on the plane. One flight alone is bad enough, seven of them... We'll definitely be sharing some flu's on this plane.

"I know that sounds gross but that's life. So everybody just has to make sure that they pay attention to themselves and their health throughout."

On Monday (Nov 21), a series of blogs described the plane as "bedlam" claiming that tensions had begun to rise after the 24-year-old refused to give any interviews to the group.

They complained that they hadn't seen the star "since the first day" and started tweeting the hashtag #WhereHaveYouBeenAllThisFlight on Twitter, a cheeky take on Rihanna song, Where Have You Been.

MTV Style blogger, Mary HK Choi, wrote earlier today: “AHHAAHAHAH it’s pandemonium on the plane. We’ve just left Berlin after a rooooough time in Paris and the Fuse guys in front of us just sabotaged the Official Rihanna documentary by chanting “B Roll” in unison and it was genius.”

She continued: “Playboy dude just asked them to recreate it for HIS camera but they aren’t having it because that dude is “just trying to scoop an angle!” It's every man for himself. I wish they hadn’t given us German meat chips for our 4:00 AM plane snack because it’s making me punchy. I also love that we have twelve drink tickets pooled between us because drinking would make us barf. We may be teetotalers after last night."

Later that day, an Australian journalist ran naked through the plane in protest.

A defiant Rihanna commented: "I know you guys got barely any dirt, but this was excellent and I would definitely do it again."

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