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Rita Ora hits back following claims of Jay Z romance

ANGER: Rita Ora

RITA ORA blasted Geordie Shore's Holly Fagan on Twitter for accusing her of sleeping with mentor Jay Z.

The How we do singer took to the social network after Holly said that Rita was “allegedly” having a sexual relationship with the married hip-hop star.

'I've been told to say that Rita Ora has been ALLEGEDLY ***** Jay Z! I repeat ALLEGEDLY [sic],” she wrote.

After admitting that she could not longer “ignore” rumours, the British singer furiously responded: “'Never will anyone including a red hed dumb Z list attention seeking ***** try talk *** about me and my family Holly whatever the **** your name is [sic].”

“Anyway I only speak when I have to and that was just f****** ridiculous..[sic]."

Holly later went on to ask Rita "not to shoot the messenger".

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