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Rodney King urges young people to stop the hate

ADVICE: Rodney King suffered a brutal beating at the hands of police

A MAN nearly beaten to death by police officers in Los Angeles has spoken out against the wave of violence in the UK last week.

Rodney King, 46, was severely beaten by four police officers which sparked a protest of outrage in the US city in 1992.

Speaking from his home, King said: “I heard it was police brutality that started all this and, of course, it has bought back memories of the LA riots in 1992."

But he said he could not condone the looting and burning down of businesses.

“Being a looter is a crime, but who are you hating? Your local store? My message to all rioters is to stop.”

The LA riots, which are regarded as some of the worst in American history, erupted after the officers behind King’s beating, which had been caught on tape, were acquitted.

The mayhem lasted for four days, led to 53 deaths and caused an estimated $1 billion worth of damage.

King says that looting would not bring back Mark Duggan who died two weeks ago (August 4) after being shot by The Met's specialist firearms unit.

Mr Duggan’s death sparked a riot in north London which later spread to other cities like Bristol, Manchester and Birmingham.

“He didn’t die so people could go and rob and steal. People need to think 'what would God do' before they pick up weapons,” added the 46-year-old.

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