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Short film: the future Is hopeful, albeit unwritten

ARTFUL UNCERTAINTY: The Future is Unwritten

THE EARLY days of each new year afford the opportunity for many to reflect on the one before, considering what they want for the future.

Creative agency RIOT has produced a short film aptly entitled The Future Is Unwritten, crafted by Chris Maguire and Zach Jopling. It is shot in New York City in black and white.

Jopling and Maguire pose one question to their subjects asking them about their individual hopes for the world in 2017. While the answers are as diverse as each person, ranging from understanding, unity, and peace, to love and finding common ground, one word repeatedly surfaces and serves as a common thread: hope. This offers much food for thought.

Maguire says: "We went into it wanting it to short enough to hold the audience's attention but long enough for us to still offer something that was emotional and compelling to the viewer".

Though the subjects in this video are American, the context is universal. 2016 has been bemoaned by many across the world as a difficult time. We lost some of our most influential entertainers. Life altering, political events occurred in the UK, with Brexit, and USA with Trump’s victory with divisive rhetoric in the general election. There were terror attacks and conflict in places including Syria. Egypt, Turkey and Somalia. A lot happened.

Many are optimistic about what 2017 has in store though, of course, no one knows for sure.

Watch the clip below:

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