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Should women show their bare baby bump?

DEBATE: Should women show their bare baby bump

Each week we ask two writers with contrasting opinions to answer the question...


Yes! Why not? These women didn’t choose for their bodies to morph this way but seeing as it does, why not embrace it? When this transformation is natural, why isn’t it appropriate for it to be seen in its natural form?

If women are proud enough to show their bare bellies when they aren’t pregnant, why should they feel the need to be different when they are carrying a child? Are we honestly debating the “appropriateness” of something so special and beautiful in a woman’s life?

I’ve heard people claim that a heavily pregnant woman exposing her belly is putting the child at harm. Thanks for letting me know that a layer of her cotton blouse will make her invincible. If we expect her to cover her stomach in public, should we enforce that she does this at the beach too?

People who find it disgusting probably do so because they never saw much of it growing up and unfairly class it as distasteful or obscene.

I also think it’s ironic and hypocritical that female celebrities like Beyonce, Paula Patton and Nia Long get criticised for showing their baby bump in public yet it’s OK for the paparazzi to intrusively snap away at them from various angles whilst the fans feel the need to be informed on every detail of the pregnancy!

If a woman is comfortable before going through the pain in labour, then what’s the harm? Most of these women aren’t trying to make a spectacle, they really are trying to get on with their day and even though they are probably aware that they’ll be judged, they choose not to live for others and not to be sorry for the way their baby has made their belly bloom. Now I think that’s worth praising.



Most of you saw that Carnival picture of a heavily pregnant lady dressed in a bikini who was in the midst of the Notting Hill Carnival. Not sexy at all!

Who decided it was aesthetically pleasing to see a woman with a stretched stomach in sexy clothing? And why do it in public? It’s like there is a secret campaign that I don’t know about, called Britain’s Next Top Mummy. Leave it out! It’s just trashy.

Recently Jessica Simpson graced the front page of Elle magazine butt naked and heavily pregnant. There was a great response on various blogs on how amazing she looked blah, blah, blah. She looked swollen and awkward holding her belly and boobs in the most seductive manner she could pose.

Christina Aguilera was heavily pregnant wearing nothing but a biker’s jacket on the front cover of Marie Claire. I mean really?

Now Nia Long posed for Ebony magazine and so did Paula Patton but Paula managed to make it look more classy and artistic.

It’s a similar contrast to Britney and Beyonce who both posed pregnant on separate cover issues of Bazaar. Beyonce was in a gold dress. Britney wore nothing.

There is ‘a item of clothing’ between class and ass and sometimes it’s just not fitting whatever the occasion.

I understand if the lady in question is showing her baby bump in an artistic way on a photo shoot but if not I am completely confused. Why do it?

Having a child is one of the most precious moments a woman could have in her life and often this is exploited.

The sacred essence of childbearing has been removed from this society which is extremely sad. I personally don’t want to see public displays of belly buttons especially with a touch of ‘sexiness’. In the privacy of your own home feel free to parade your belly anyway you like.

Holding a baby in your womb for nine months is sacred and the intimacy should be left to mother and child not the entire world. Plus no matter what it just looks awkward.

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