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Sneakbo: Riding the wave of success

TALENT: Sneakbo

AS SOON as I found out I would interview British rapper Sneakbo I knew that I had to ask him the meaning behind his trademark slogan, ‘JetSki Wave’.

Not just because I’ve seen it hash-tagged a million times on Twitter, or because every male I know has claimed to be ‘wavy’ at some stage on their Blackberry messenger status. This was of course for my own ‘educational purposes.’

However, while my questions were well prepared, I must admit that I wasn’t quite ready for his hilarious answer.

"'JetSki Wave means two things really. For me, the 'wave' represents the ups and downs in life, or it could mean you're just 'JetSki-waving' with a girl in a hotel room!"


Before I even get the chance to compse myself or demand a further explanation, he jokes: "But obviously there is no water [in the hotel room], though! If you're grown you know what I mean."

Although I’m grown, it doesn’t make his revelation any less shocking, but the main thing is we cleared that up.

In fact, there are a few things about this south Londoner that are often misconstrued.

After revealing, without prompting, that he spent some time in prison shortly after winning over a cult following of hip-hop and grime fans with a string of acclaimed mixtapes, he adds:"Yeah, I had a troubled past and issues with police, but once I got into serious trouble I found my way back through music. Music has changed me and got me to do a lot of positive things.

"This whole journey started from nothing and will hopefully turn it into something bigger than it is right now.”

In fact, the 20-year-old is already on his way to fulfilling this destiny. In true mogul fashion, the Still Breathing hitmaker has recently launched his own clothing line aptly named, JetSki Wave.

"The clothing line is going well, if anyone wants it, you can find it on my website. We have got jumpers, t-shirts, everything really. Basically everything a fan of Sneakbo's will need to get fly," he laughs.

It wouldn’t be hard to imagine why his following would want to be like him. For most, just one look at the lifestyle that comes with stardom is temptation enough. But has fame managed to buy Sneakbo a much deserved 'happily ever after' yet?
"The best part about having mainstream success I guess is the parties and the girls, just the life. It's nice."

He pauses.

“The worst parts are you have more haters. And your family and people that used to know you just expect you to be rich! But honestly other than that, I love it."

Seriously, what is there not to love? Having a ridiculous amount of views on YouTube, a significant amount of music downloads and lets not forget the tons of girls.

When explaining the craziest thing a female fan has done for him, he catches me off guard again: “One time I was performing at the Wireless Festival and I just saw some girl climb on top of someone’s shoulders and all of her clothes were off! Seriously, I started forgetting the words on stage when I saw her!”

He is adamant that he didn’t meet said scantily clad female backstage after the annual festival for a little ‘JetSki Wave’ when questioned, but he does laugh cheekily.

His anecdote leads me neatly into my next question on girls: “If you had to pick a celebrity girlfriend, who would it be?”

Without hesitation, he replies: “That’s easy, Nicki Minaj man!” With no probing on my part, he adds: “I’d want her mainly because she has a big bum!”

But before you write the idea off, it might be an idea to consider the fact that Minaj’s label mate and hip-hop star Drake, is a self-confessed Sneakbo super-fan. The Canadian rapper even publicly stated that the British star inspired his number one album, Take Care.

“I’ve sent Drake a song and hopefully he’ll get back to me with it. So fingers crossed I’ll hear from him real soon,” he reveals.

As our chat comes to a close, attention turns to the legacy Sneakbo is set to leave behind through his music.

“At my funeral they will say I was the guy who made the motives. I will be remembered as the one who made things happen.”

Sneakbo’s single Zim Zimma will be released on October 29 through Play Hard

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