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Some back to work motivation, just in time for tomorrow

PUT PEN TO PAPER: Curl up with a notepad while you watch these

WE TRY everything we can to stave off 'Monday blues' - unless of course we are one of the fortunate 40% of people in Britain who enjoy job satisfaction. Investors in People, the benchmarking group for good human resource management practice, conducted a survey in 2015 which revealed that a massive 60% of us are unhappy at work.

Instead of watching Netflix until 1am tonight, have a trawl through these inspirational video talks featured by TED Talks and get re-energised for that Monday morning commute.

Our selection includes presentations from the likes of pioneering UK filmmaker Amma Asante (A United Kingdom and Belle) who spoke at a TED event in Brixton, south London and Scandal creator Shonda 'Midas Touch' Rimes; who is enjoying success with multiple TV shows who are bagging ratings simultaneously, at a level that is unheard of.

1. 'The power of defining yourself' by Amma Asante

2. 'Embrace the near win' by Sarah Lewis:

3. 'Every kid needs a champion' by Rita Pierson

4. 'Africa's cheetahs vs. hippos' by George Ayittey

5. 'My year of saying yes to everything' by Shonda Rimes:

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