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'The Story of Lovers Rock' producer to appear at Edinburgh

VERSATILE: Actress and producer Paulette Harris-German (image credit: Michael DE Leon)

PAULETTE HARRIS-GERMAN, actress and producer, will appear in ground-breaking, humourous play, Femmetamorphosis, at this year’s iconic Edinburgh Festival.

The festival is now in its 70th year and is highly-regarded by the theatre world and audiences alike.

Harris-German is responsible for bringing the celebrated docu-film The Story of Lovers Rock to black British Babyboomers, who were keen to see an authentic portrayal of their youth reflected on-screen. The visionary will be in front of the camera, so to speak, this time, supporting Femmetamorphosis director and Elicit Theatre Company founder Sharron Spice in bringing her script to life.

DIVERSITY CHAMPION: Sharron Spice, founder of the Elicit Theatre Company

Harris-German told The Voice:

“Sharron Spice is keen to champion diversity at the festival, not only in terms of colour, but I would say age also.”

Femmetamorphosis is a comedy that looks at the transformation of several women during a lingerie party, painting a humorous and light-hearted picture of female friendship dynamics.

PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT: Selected members of the cast (including Paulette Harris-German, far right) of Femmetamorphosis go over their lines

Lead character Ruth is throwing a lingerie party at her modest home, which she shares with her childhood sweetheart and husband Wesley. Her guests include her best friend Yazzmen, a self-proclaimed Cougar, Cycelea a devout Christian, Edith who is struggling to get over a recent break-up with her boyfriend and Destini, the exotic neighbour who is rumoured to be married to a footballer.

Banter over mankinis soon turns to talk of love and life in the 60-minute show, which aims to tell:

IN MOTION: Some of the cast (including Paulette Harris-German, far left) during rehearsal

“A touching tale of sisterhood and solidarity, spanning different generation, race, creed and sexuality, to powerfully portray the adversity women face and how they can triumph over it.”

Femmetamorphosis will be shown from 9pm, from 5-27th August at the Paradise in the Vault (venue 29) at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe. For tickets, visit

For more information, please email elicittheatrecompany@

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