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Sweat out in style with LadyXSize recommended workout gear

SWEAT IT OUT IN STYLE: Onzie's affordable and stylish range of active wear is suitable for a number of workouts

WITH SO much choice of workout gear on the market, it’s easy to see why it can be difficult to choose what to buy, so here are my Hot Picks. There is something for everyone.


All I can say about this brand is WOW!! If you are looking for supportive sportswear that fits and shapes you like a glove, then I promise you won’t be disappointed. Their stuff is positioned as a superior fit and I have to say, I agree. The Flex Leggings are super strong and the material used is thicker than the usual leggings that you might buy. What that thickness brings, is a feel of real quality and so much support.

You might be thinking, but surely if they are that thick that they might be hot to workout in, but this is not the case. I was genuinely so impressed. I absolutely love the addition of the waistband, this finishes off the look beautifully. Their Seamless collection tops offer the same great quality and support. The designs are stylish and well finished. You can’t go wrong in these. They pull you in and support you in all the right places, they contour your skin. Super impressed! They also have a really good-looking men’s range.


Now this brand is usually synonymous with protein bars and drinks, but they have ventured into the world of clothing. Now often when brands do this, there is a big sigh in the room as they pull out a few designs that make you wonder why they bothered and the phrase “stick to what you know” enters your head. But not so with My Protein. I tried out their sports bra, long top, which I love!!, the Core Capri leggings and Scoop Hem T-shirt.

The materials in particular for both the bra and top were really soft but also offered bags of support. Nice to have a wireless sports bra that is also adjustable, the latter seems to be quite a rare feature. The hem top is an absolute must for every collection. It’s baggy and a flattering three quarters in length, which hides a multitude of sins.


Rundewear briefs, £18

Calling all runners, this is my absolute hot pick if running is your thing and you are looking for the right underwear. Chafing is very annoying when you are running so at last a brand that focuses on keeping the nether regions comfortable has emerged. Always tricky choosing the most comfortable attire for the run. All a bit embarrassing when you have to stop to pull your undies out of the crack!! I got the pleasure of trying out Runderwear’s wonderful Low Rise Hipster pants.

They are so comfortable, you almost forget you are wearing them. Even more pleasing was that they are ‘anti-VPL’, so whilst they fit lower, you can’t see them, zero VPL, Woohoo!! I’ve taken to wearing them for lots of different fitness disciplines, not just running. Rather than resorting to the thong, this is far superior option, plus their crop top style sportsbra offers impressive support. They make both male and female attire.


Once you’ve got your running underwear sorted, this lightweight, breathable, super soft and quick-drying outfit from BELLUM is just the ticket. The tank top I tried was bright orange with a reflective logo to make you more visible on your run. It had a super relaxed feel, was loose and free flowing with a stunning back strap design.

This top was one of my favourites, ideal for gym workouts and running, great for all active women. Loved the animal print design of the leggings too, which have the really popular mesh effect three quarters of the way down. Plus, there’s a functional zip pocket which is handy for storing loose bits of change and gym locker keys.

Bellum tank top, £25


If your main criteria when working out is feeling flexible and looking good, then Onzie is the brand to go for. Absolutely gorgeous looking outfits!! Created by a twenty year Bikram Yogi, Onzie is a mix of traditional yoga wear and modern innovation. Using what Onzie call ‘free flow-fabric technology’ their outfits are designed to keep you cool and supported, whilst also giving you a simple, yet fabulous look so you can sweat it out in style. This is seriously good-looking and affordable stuff, perfect for hot yoga and chilling.


I recently learned to swim, a sport that evaded me for many years. It was partly down to the prospect of getting my hair wet and partly because I didn’t really know how to do it. However, a twelve-week programme with the Swim London Crew saw me realising my true potential and I now love it. If swimming is a passion of yours, or perhaps you fancy a bit of surfing, TODIVEFOR have a unique collection of stylish swimwear. I got to rock the yellow costume with stylish white diagonal stripes.

The support for the chest area and the materials are thick and well crafted. Wearing the swimsuit, I felt like I was in a bond movie or a movie from the fifties. Plus, they also make surf and dive leggings if you are looking to cover up a bit more. Really elegant functional gear.

The world of fitness wear is immense and finding the right outfit for the job can be a challenge. But don’t be afraid to dip away from some of the more traditional brands as you will be amazed and impressed by the variety and quality on offer.

If you are looking to grab some of these outfits for free, then enter my Instagram and Twitter competitions running over the next few weeks. Follow me @LadyXsize and see if you can win.

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