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Taye Diggs on the trauma of interracial marriage criticism

TORN: Taye Diggs & ex-wife Idina Menzel

AMERICAN ACTOR Taye Diggs has addressed the backlash he received from black people following his marriage to Caucasian actress Idina Menzel.

Though the pair tied the knot in 2003 and later divorced in 2014, the actor said he having to deal with bitterness toward black women who still give him a hard time.

“To this day, I still get, ‘I thought you only like white girls?’” the actor said during a recent interview with Van Lathan on 'The Red Pill Podcast'.

He's since started dating mixed raced actress and model Amanza Smith for the past few years but Diggs said he’s tired of dispelling the myth.

“It doesn’t matter how I explain myself,” he said, “there’s always going to be someone talking.”

The sex symbol said he generally doesn't he doesn’t care what people think about his dating choices, but he confessed to harbouring some resentment about how he was treated.

“Deep down inside [there's resentment]. I don't wanna say I suppress it, but I just watch it. When it happens to you personally, even though you understand the logic, there's trauma there,” he said.

“I don't know if I can ever mess with a white girl now.

"I don't like that. That goes against who I am as a person. I feel like I've had deal with that so long it has changed what I think I like, what I'm attracted to.”

(Skip to the 23 minute mark to hear the beginning of Taye's interview)

Taye Diggs has starred in a string of successful favourite TV shows and film flicks films including The Best Man, Brown Sugar, How Stella Got Her Groove Back, Private Practice and Empire.

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