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TD Jakes plans new film project

FILM: TD Jakes

IN A recent interview with The Christian Post, Bishop TD Jakes, pastor of Potters House in Dallas, Texas shared he is working on a script for a film called Heaven Is For Real, which tells the story of a four year old boy who went on a journey to heaven.

Bishop Jakes said he wants the story to reflect the young boy's experiences, and hopes it will appeal to both Christians and non-Christians. “I think the real splint of Heaven Is for Real, is not so much in the images that we see but in the fact that this young boy has brought us back this unbelievable account of something that is so euphoric and amazing to us. I think it's going to be relevant to people, of course to Christians, but even for people who are not Christian, who have lost children or loved ones of any kind, we are very interested to know there is something beyond this life.”

In the wide ranging interview Jakes also spoke about politics, the evolution of gospel music, hell and why non-denominational churches are experiencing growth, whilst mainline churches are losing members. He put this down to the ability of non-denominational churches to reach out to people. “The churches that are growing are the best are those that are nondenominational. I don't think it's because they are nondenominational, I think that there's a certain method by which they go about reaching out to people that are not as traditional as your mainland churches generally do.”

He also pointed out that non-denominational churches weren’t as politically motivated as mainstream ones. “I think as a church whenever we become politically driven, we alienate at least 50 per cent of the people that God called us to reach with our political orientations. I think that it's unfortunate that we have allowed politics to use theology to hit areas that we sincerely want to support.

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