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Teen engineering prodigy from Sierra Leone impresses MIT

AMAZING: Kelvin Doe

A TEENAGE engineering prodigy from Sierra Leone has become the youngest person to be invited to take part in the Massachusetts Insitute of Technology;s [MIT] "Visiting Practitioner's Program."

Kelvin Doe, 15, who is self-taught, impressed MIT’s researchers with homemade batteries he made to ‘power lights in people's houses’ following electricity issues in his area, CNN reports.

Doe told THNKR: "We have not too much electricity. The lights will come on once in a week and the rest of the month, dark. So, I made my own battery to power lights in people's houses."

"Whatever things I've learned here [MIT], I will share it with my friends, colleagues and loved ones," he added.

The incredible teen even reportedly started his own radio station, in a bid to ensure that his community has access to local news.

Doe is also reportedly set to become a guest presenter at Harvard and resident practitioner with the International Development Team at MIT.

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