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Ten of the best... dance crazes

HOTSTEPPER: Michael Jackson knew how to bust a move

IT IS not quite the weekend yet, but to get you into that Friday Feeling The Voice team has picked some of our favourite dance crazes and routines.

With all the bogles, moonwalks and butterflies to choose from, it wasn’t easy as it sounded.

So, put on your dancing shoes, enjoy and don’t hurt nobody.

10. Colin Lucas – Dollar Wine

Ever since this catchy soca jam appeared at the 1991 carnival in Trinidad, the Caribbean just can’t get enough. You've been warned: he's wearing lycra.

9. R Kelly – Step in the name of love

When he's not making dodgy home movies, R Kelly is the musical gift that keeps on giving. He did this one for love, yeah.

8. Souljah Boy – Crank dat

The lyrics aren't entirely wholesome, but in 2007 everybody and their granny was "crankin' dat" and finger snappin'. It has now had over 150 million hits on YouTube.

7. Tony Matterhorn – Dutty Wine

When people are literally breaking their neck to do a dance it must be good. Ladies and gentleman, we give you health and safety's biggest enemy: the Dutty Wine.

6. Salt and Pepa - Push It

So, Nicki Minaj may be the female rapper with the biggest junk in the trunk, but can she go backwards with one hand like the original queens of rap? Salt and Pepa's here!

5. Janet Jackson – Rhythm Nation

We all know about a little thing called sibling rivalry, and in this iconic video Janet proved exactly why she is a Jackson.

4. MC Hammer – U Can't Touch This

Baggy pants have never looked so good. I challenge anybody not do break it down and do the sideways crab while stirring the stew when they hear this jam.

3. Beyonce – Crazy In Love

It doesn't matter what a gal looks like. In the club, when this song comes on, and Bey starts screaming "uh oh, uh oh, uh oh", every single one of them is Sasha Fierce and starts rubbing their chest with their wet thumb.

2. Every single dance Michael Jackson has ever done

Love him or loathe him, MJ is the King of Pop and the pied piper of dance. Since any move he puts his touch on turns to gold, we could have made a top ten featuring just him. But we can only post one...and we've chosen this:

1. Cameo – Candy meets Marcia Griffiths - Electric Boogie

Long before the directors of the Best Man ensured black folk could never attend a wedding again without having to do the Candy dance, people were doing the electric slide to Marcia Griffiths' Electric Boogie. It is the dance of all dances and always puts a smile on the face.

What are you favourites?

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