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ABSOLUTELY AMAZING is the only way to describe Francisca Darko, who at the age of 14-years-old, has written and published her debut novel, I Lit The Moon.

The novel is a captivating and magic-inspired fantasy book that follows the life of Payton, a typical teenager who has to deal with an unfortunately typical problem – bullying. Payton lives a habitually horrid life until she discovers that she has magical powers through her connection to the ancient Egyptian goddess Isis.

Although having never been bullied, Darko told Life and Style that she felt compelled to write the story to help other youngsters who may have been victims of bullying.

“Payton is an orphan and she gets bullied,” said Darko. “She finally finds a friend, but to complicate things she finds out that she also has magical powers and she doesn’t know why. At the time my school was trying to raise awareness about bullying and I wanted to show what it could do to someone,” the up and coming teenage author explained.

For such a young person Darko is only too aware of the devastating impact bullying can have. By tackling the serious issue in a very mature way, she manages to make her story realistic, inspirational and easy to read.

“Anyone who has ever been bullied, I would like to show them that they are special, even if they don’t think they are and tell them that they will find a friend, no matter how bad it may seem,” she said.

When reading this book it is incredibly easy to forget that the author is in fact only in her teens. Showing a maturity in literacy well above her years, Darko reminds her readers in her acknowledgment that she is an adolescent writer, as she thanks her mum for her support, allowing her to stay up late and abandon her chores in order to finish her book.

“My parents are very proud of my book. It took about a year to write, although I like writing I didn’t think I would write a long story, normally I write short stories, 20 or 50 pages long and then I would finish. But this time I wanted it to be published, that’s what I had to do before the year was out, to see if I could do it,” said the Convent of Jesus and Mary pupil.

Writing from the age of nine, Darko’s first novella was based on her own personal take of the children’s fashion dolls, Bratz.

“I have been writing ever since I was little. I wrote my first proper book when I was nine, for my friend’s birthday present, and she really liked it.”

Now the youngster’s inspiration lies in mythology and the world of science fiction.

“I like history, so normally I would research the things I like to read about, like the ancient Egyptian Gods and after reading about Isis, the Egyptian goddess, I decided to write a different account of her life.”

Having fulfilled her fascination with mythology the reading enthusiast has moved onto a collaborative effort based in the pulse-racing world of crime, which may prove useful for her future career prospects.

“I just finished writing a crime thriller with my friend - I had never done crime thrillers before. I enjoy being a writer, but I want to be a forensic scientist, but I hope to do both because it’s fascinating.”

I Lit The Moon is out now through Authorhouse books.

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