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Time to reflect on the true meaning of Easter

TRUTH: The core message of Easter is connected to the actions of Jesus

THERE ARE three times during a year that a church can expect to have a full house, or at the very least more visitors than usual – and that’s at the Sunday service before Christmas, the Watchnight New Year’s Eve service and the Easter service.

In many Christians’ minds, Easter is the most important celebration in their calendar as it commemorates the momentous events that occurred when Jesus Christ was crucified, buried and miraculously rose from the dead more than 2000 years ago.

The events of Easter provide the foundation on which the whole of the Christian faith is built. Gordan B Hinkly wrote:

“There would be no Christmas if there was no Easter.”

The late Basil Hume, the former head of the Catholic Church in Britain, had this to say about Easter:

“The great gift of Easter is about hope – Christian hope which makes us have confidence in God, in his ultimate triumph, and in his goodness and love, which nothing can shake.”

Everyone who becomes a Christian does so because they believe that when Jesus was crucified on the cross, he paid the ultimate price for human sin, and that his resurrection enables anyone who believes in him to overcome sin and temptation.

Whilst there are many people who think that the Christian faith and the message of Easter is increasingly irrelevant in the modern world, there are many who testify that this is not the case. There are many people within the black community who can testify how Christianity and the hope that the message of Easter offers, has totally transformed their lives.

Visit any church and you’ll find a multitude of people – they could be an ex-prison inmate, former gang member, a depressed lone parent, a husband or wife trapped in an unhappy marriage, a previously suicidal teenager, an ex-drug addict, or a career-driven, materially successful individual who is spiritually poor – who can testify how the Easter story has positively impacted their lives.

There are many people and areas of our society who need to experience the transformative power of the Easter message so that they can lead fulfilled lives and have hope for the future.

So as this Easter weekend approaches, do give time to reflect on the great sacrifice Christ made for humanity and pray that this life-changing impact of Easter continues to impact us all for the better.

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