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The top reason men cry...And no, it's not football!

BEST FRIENDS: Tre (Cuba Gooding Jr) with best friend, Ricky (Morris Chestnut) in iconic film, Boyz n the Hood

YOU MAY have seen many a man cry over football, win or lose, but it is not the top reason why men may let their tears flow.

According to a recent news article in the Metro, the top reason why you may see a man in tears is when a close family member or friend dies .

For example, Cuba Gooding jr (Tre) gets emotional in classic hit, Boyz n The Hood when his best friend Ricky, a promising American footballer, dies from gun shot wounds in an alley, cutting short his future potential.

GRIEF: Tre's grief as best friend Ricky is shot dead in an alley in Boyz n the Hood

Some other surprising reasons men may blubber are as follows:

2) Contrary to popular opinion, men do cry when they are watching a sad movie . Cue The Lion King , when the inspiring Pride Rock ruler Mufasa is betrayed by his cowardly brother, Scar, and lies dead with his young son Simba begging him to wake up.

HEARTBREAKING SCENE: Simba's sorrow after his father is killed in The Lion King

3) Another top reason is a relationship breakup – especially when the other partner does the breaking up. Case in point is that scene in the film Boomerang where (Angela) Halle Berry gives ‘love rat’ Marcus (Eddie Murphy), the “love should have brought you home last night” speech and storms out, leaving him to realise how he’s lost a good woman.

BREAK-UP: Angela (Halle Berry) tells off Marcus (Eddie Murphy) in Boomerang

4) They also cry at the death of a pet . Remember Dr. Robert Neville (Will Smith) in I am legend ? He weeps when he has to kill his faithful canine companion, Sam, after zombies infect the dog.

LOSS: Dr. Robert Neville (Will Smith) with faithful German Shepherd Sam in I am Legend

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