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Trey Songz arrested for 'throwing money at woman'

COURT DATE: Trey Songz

SINGER TREY Songz was arrested following claims he gave a woman a black eye after throwing money at her in a New York strip club in August.

Real name Tremaine Neverson, the 28-year-old Successful hit-maker was charged with misdemeanor assault and went to court on November 1, claims TMZ.

The accuser - Donna McIntosh-Enoe - claims that Songz threw “a ward of cash” at her, injurying the 36-year-old in the process after an alleged row involving photos being taken.

McIntosh-Enoe, who works as a nurse, told The New York Daily News: “Everyone else was taking a picture. The difference for me and the other girls is that they were naked and I had clothes on.

“He tried to delete the picture, but he didn’t know how to use my phone.”

She added: “It was insulting that he just threw something.

“He was verbally disrespectful as well. . . . He embarrassed me in front of everyone in the club.”

Songz is scheduled for another court appearance in February.

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