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Tributes to church pioneer

INFLUENTIAL: Bishop Wright

BISHOP JOHN Francis and Bishop Eric Brown have led tributes to Charles Wright, the Jamaican-born overseer and co-founder of black Pentecostal denomination

Assemblies of the First Born (AFB) in the UK and US, who has died following a bout of illness. He was 86. Overseer Wright helped establish 20 church branches throughout the UK and three USA branches and was known as a man of vision and integrity.

He started the AFB in 1955, and ran a number of shops, and businesses before giving them up to run the church full time.

During his years leading the church, Bishop Wright was involved in a number of community activities, including working to improve relationships between the police and black youth following the Brixton riots.

Bishop Francis described him as a man who made a “major mark” on the church, while Bishop Brown stated that Wright “modelled what it means to be a true servant leader”.

Overseer Wright is survived by his wife, Pastor Jennifer Wright, a daughter, a grand-daughter and his step-daughter, and two grandchildren, Alex and Nathan.

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