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Truly Majestic

Experience:Kung Fu, Lady Legs and Cos Tafari

THREE FRIENDS who founded an online radio station in north London, say they started it to fill a gap in their community.

Jamaican-born Everald 'Cos Tafari' Collins, Everett 'Kung Fu' Huslin and Sonia 'Lady Legs' Malcolm used their years of radio and music industry experience to start Majestic Radio in July.

Since then, they said their African and Caribbean flavoured station has been attracting an audience from a variety of countries and backgrounds.

The trio initially started Majestic Radio because of their firm belief in having a 'do it yourself' attitude.

"Many of us complain about what we do not have but I believe we need to start doing these things for ourselves," said Cos Tafari, a DJ and reggae singer. "If we want something, we need to do it ourselves."
Lady Legs, who has been a DJ for 11 years, agreed. "We should not spend our time complaining about what we do not have. If we don't have it within our community let people start it up, which is why we have come together to start this operation."

Kung Fu, a veteran DJ who has been in the industry for 25 years, said: "We...have news from all of Africa and all parts of the Caribbean...Playing everything from r'n'b, reggae, soul, jazz, Afrobeat, hiplife. What we... do is not really what the other stations are actually doing."

Kung Fu, who is inspired by leaders such as Haile Selassie and Marcus Garvey, added: "We're playing music right across the board. No swearing, just music to entertain."

Lady Legs said Majestic Radio is also a "vehicle for DJs to express themselves. We want to provide an opportunity for news presenters and DJs who will be in charge of their own shows."

To listen to Majestic, visit

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