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Unarmed black pastor with hands up shot dead by police

KILLED: Terence Crutcher with his twin sister Tiffany Crutcher

POLICE IN the US have released a dash cam recording of a white female officer fatally shooting an unarmed black pastor on the street.

The video, released on Monday (Sept 19) shows police officers in Tulsa, Oklahoma killing Terence Crutcher, whose car was stalled in the middle of the street.

Police originally claimed that 40-year-old Crutcher was not cooperating with officers when they arrived for a routine traffic stop on Friday night. They said that he would not raise his hands in the air when instructed to. T

Tulsa Police officer Betty Shelby called dispatch saying Crutcher was not complying before fatally shooting him at the scene. Officer Tyler Turnbough also fired his Taser and the entire confrontation was recorded via dash cam.

Warning: The following video may be disturbing to viewers.

However, in the video, Crutcher can be seen raising his arms in the air in the middle of the street. He stood beside his driver’s side window as several police officers stood behind him with their weapons raised. Seconds later a single shot was fired from the officer. He falls and his bloodied body lied limp beside his vehicle. Officers appeared to wait more than one minute before approaching Mr Crutcher’s body.

During a press conference on yesterday (Sept 19), Tulsa Police Chief Chuck Jordan called the video footage “very disturbing — it’s very difficult to watch.” He said there was no gun found on Crutcher or in his vehicle.

“I will just make this promise to you: We will achieve justice in this case,” Jordan said. “I want to assure our community and I want to assure all of you and people across the nation who are going to be looking at this: We will achieve justice ― period.”

Crutcher's twin sister, Tiffany Crutcher, told reporters Saturday (Sept 17) that the family is heartbroken.

"We just want answers, we want to know what happened, there's a lot of speculation, but there is one thing, one fact that I do know is that my brother was unarmed,'' she said. "I'm just devastated."

She said her brother had left a class at Tulsa Community College when his SUV stalled on East 36th Street North at around 8pm.

An attorney for the Crutcher family, Damario Solomon-Simmons told reporters Saturday that Crutcher was in the area because his car stalled and officers saw him while on an unrelated call and approached.

"From that point, I do not know what occurred. We have no idea, and that's what is so difficult for us and the family," Solomon-Simmons said. "That's our job, to try to get answers for this family as they're mourning."

Solomon-Simmons, also said the department’s claim that Crutcher died at the hospital was not true.

TRAGIC: Terence Crutcher, left, appears to have his hands above his head as an officer pursues

“Terence died on that street in his own blood, without any help,” the lawyer said.

“We saw that Terence did not have any weapon,” Solomon-Simmons said. “We saw that Terence did not make any sudden movements. We saw that Terence was not being belligerent. We did not see Terence reach into the car. We did not see Terence attacking the officers.”

As seen in the video, more than two minutes go by before officers begin administering aid to Crutcher after he was shot.

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