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Venus Williams: Not charged over fatal car crash

PICTURED: Venus Williams (Photo credit: John Walton/PA)

POLICE HAVE confirmed that no charges will be filed against Venus Williams after she was involved in a crash which killed a man.

Jerome Barson, 78, was fatally injured when his wife Linda’s car collided with the tennis star’s vehicle in Florida on June 9.

According to the Evening Standard, Palm Beach Gardens police report released on Wednesday (Dec 20) cleared both Williams and Mrs Barson over the incident.

Investigators say video shows Williams had a green light when she entered a busy intersection but a car turned left in front of her, forcing her to stop.

She then tried to get fully across but the Barsons' light turned green and their car slammed into Ms Williams' SUV.

Mr Barson died 13 days later and the family's attorney, Michael Steinger, said police were wrong and they intend to sue Williams.

“Ms. Williams clearly violated our client’s right of way because our client had a green light, as indicated in each and every police report issued in this case to date,” Steinger said in a statement.

“The report is further inaccurate because the video surveillance does not indicate the color of Ms. Williams’ light and therefore does not support the police department’s conclusion.”

Williams’ attorney, Malcolm Cunningham, didn’t immediately return an email seeking comment.

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