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Water canons may be used to tackle riots

DEFENCE: Water canons may be used to tackle riots

WATER CANNONS and CS gas could be made available to the police in an bid to avoid a repeat of last summer's riots, it has been reported.

A new review has said the equipment, worth £1m, would be 'valuable to forces across England and Wales' in a bid to combat civil unrest.

Scotland Yard chiefs have allegedly said the crowd control weapon 'would have been considered as a tactical option' if it were available in the capital during the riots in the UK last August.

The Metropolitan Police's strategic review into the disorder said: "Water cannon is widely recognised as an effective tactic to disperse and distance aggressors."

The report added: "It is unlikely to have been an appropriate and practical option owing to the speed and agility of the disorder".

Under current law, forces must provide 24 hours notice if they require a water cannon to be sent over from Northern Ireland.

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